Tips for Aging Gracefully

Hello 🙂 We are back with golden tips for you. Today’s subject is aging gracefully. Aging is a natural, unavoidable and must-have process for all of us. What we need to do here is to be able to achieve “beautiful aging”.

First of all, don’t leave life. Do not use drugs without consulting your doctor, do not hug the drugs in the slightest complaint. Rearrange your home; remove slippery mats and rugs, and set up stairs. Do not make excuses by saying ‘There is no opportunity to do sports’. Review your eating habits; use the right cooking methods, eat colorfully. We will list some ways for aging gracefully now and these are for information only. Please do not forget to consult to a professional!

Say goodbye to crow’s feet and ugly lines: Salmon DNA has a very high capacity to absorb the sun’s harmful UV rays; Therefore, it treats the skin that deteriorates and dries due to the sun or cigarette, and helps the skin to regain its moist, vibrant and bright appearance. It is also used to prevent deep wrinkles at the beginning of sagging by increasing the tone and elasticity of the skin. It delays skin aging. It treats wrinkles medically. It removes crow’s wrinkles around the eyes on thin and dry skin. It lightens the horizontal lines that show the traces of years on the forehead. Women’s fearful dreams help prevent bags of custody and lines around the lips, a symptom of aging.

Fat injections – Wrinkles: With the injection of fat, a younger-looking facial contours can be obtained by removing the depressions and grooves on the skin. Fat injection has been shown to have a positive and rejuvenating effect on aging or damaged skin. Fat cells are taken from areas of the body where excess fat is stored and thinned and injected into the areas that the face needs by injection. In the face area, the cheeks, flat and indistinct cheekbones, skin wrinkles; In the body, it is used on flat and uncurved hips, butt shaping, treatment of crooked legs and removing wrinkles on the hands.

Anti Aging methods: Anti-aging, that is, rejuvenating methods, can be examined under different titles according to their effects and ways of application. Some of them actually do not have a rejuvenating effect on the structure of the skin, but they are methods that create a sense of youth by creating a change with a kind of illusion.

Botox: It is a technique that starts on the fourth day after a short application of 5-10 minutes, and continues for an average of 4-6 months. Especially when it is started in the second half of 30s and repeats at regular intervals, wrinkles due to mimic muscle activity are prevented from settling. A facial appearance is obtained behind the calendar age, although at older ages and wrinkles have settled, good results can be obtained either alone or in combination with other methods.

PRP method: The person’s own blood is processed in a certain period and time, and the rich part of the repairing, regenerating cellular factors is separated. It is injected into the skin again in sessions.

Chemical and physical peels: Over the years, the upper layer of the skin thickens due to natural oil secretion, sunlight, environmental pollution and make-up remnants and becomes almost like an armor. A dull, matte, blemished and aged skin appears as the fresh cells underneath are unable to breathe. In order to prevent this, specially designed sessions are conducted under the guidance of a dermatologist in non-sunny seasons such as autumn-winter every year.

There are many other ways for aging gracefully. These also include some more natural ways. As we stated above, please do not forget to get an opinion from a doctor or a professional! Aging beautifully is possible! Like everything else. See you at our next article.


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