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Why is vintage so popular?

Fourth piece of this series is here. We covered what vintage is and now we’ll dive into its popularity. We’ll also show you some vintage photos! With this article in actuelvibes we are gonna explain to you why is vintage so popular.

The vintage movement originated in Great Britain in the 1990s and represents a kind of counter trend to the increasingly fast, futuristic and internet-dependent end of the 20th century. Instead of the unified fashion of globally growing textile chains, young people in particular wore within their own small subcultures deliberately old clothes. The musical counterpart was found in Britpop, in which bands like Oasis or The Smiths recalled the simple guitar sound of English pop music from the 1960s.

And then came the 2001 Academy Awards. Julia Roberts was nominated for her role in Erin Brockovich as the best female leading actress, won and appeared on stage in a breathtaking Valentino dress. The highlight was that the noble part was a good 20 years old. What previously seemed unthinkable at such an event was now a fact for winners thanks to the positive outcome of the nomination. With that, the discarded parts suddenly became socially acceptable.

Today, more than ever, vintage fashion offers the opportunity to realize yourself in your clothing style. It has become a constantly present and, above all, accepted branch of the fashion industry. Vintage means individuality and the freedom to wear something different from what’s in at the moment.

How does the vintage style work for women?

Actually, it is quite simple: Anything you like is allowed. If you can find real old pieces from your mother and grandmother or at flea markets, that’s all the better. But the trade also offers you a lot of exciting vintage items. It is important, however, that you try to create the most harmonious look possible. Stick to an era.

Wear the angular handbags, oversized sunglasses and fashion chains with geometric figures for the short dress in pop art design described above, because they go perfectly with the 60s style. Anyone who goes to the party in a petticoat dress is well advised to tie their hair back in a strict ponytail. Hippie bangles made of colored pearls are part of flared trousers and tunic, but not part of the 40s pencil costume. The better you coordinate the individual components, the more convincing your vintage look will look.

Vintage: It’s also really weird

In addition to many beautiful trends that will probably find lovers at all times, there are also fashionable horrors that we never actually wanted to see again. Fox fur collars made of whole foxes, for example, are scary, but are still offered. The strikingly colorful vintage bathing caps are also only for people with their own heads. However, the first place among the vintage curiosities is given to the self-crocheted toilet roll hats that some drivers take (or still?) Walk on their hat racks. They don’t even look good on vintage cars from the 70s.

That is all for now. See you at our last piece of vintage series!



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